Iranian Dried Figs

Iran is considered one of the main suppliers of dried figs. Fig is a small soft oval shape fruit which is high in fiber, delicious with mild sweet taste and has chewy, meaty texture. This product is produced from fully ripe fresh fruit; is well-cleaned, washed and dried and is imported directly from Iran.

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Ingredients: Dried Figs 100%

Product Description:


Composed of dried fig fruits with round sphere / typical of the variety


Light color (light yellow to light brown) 90% minimum


Typical dried fig aroma that is characteristic of scorching or caramelization without foreign odor


Naturally sweet and mild, distinct dried fig flavor without foreign taste


Firm texture, pliable, soft, chewy, not sticky, free flow


9 % to 12 % max

Size and Count:

Grade AA

19-21 mm Diameter

Grade AAA

< 21 mm Diameter

Open Mouth

25% Max

Shelf life and Storage Condition:

12 months from Production date in temperature below 20 °C degree; in a cool and dry place; and away from direct sunlight.

18 months from Production date if stored in temperature below 6°C degree; cool and dry place; and away from direct sunlight.

Packing: 10 Kg/Box

Health Benefits:

1. Helps digestion.

2. Aids in excretion and removal of waste from the body and prevent constipation.

3. Helps nourish and maintains eyesight.

4. Prevents high blood pressure.

5. Helps to cleanse the liver and spleen

6. Improves nourish the body and fights free radicals.

7. Prevents anemia due to the high content of iron and folate.


Commonly used to eat as snack. Can be used as ingredient other products such as bakery, pie, jam, cake, pudding, ice cream, cereals, energy bars.

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