Golden Raisins (Sofia Brand)

golden raisins is very popular around the world basically because of it’s unique beautiful and appetizing appearance. Our golden raisins is made from the best quality seedless raisins. The grapes from vineyard are dried under the shade, then they are transformed into golden raisins by applying the sulfur treatment on specified dosage which gives golden raisins a shiny golden to bright yellow color. Golden raisins has a slightly sweet and sour taste and a soft texture.


Produced from seedless raisins; coated with vegetable oil or any other edible oils and packaged in poly-lined, staple-less cartons. The product is free from foreign and it has natural sun-dried raisin flavor and odor.


Raisins 99.7%, Vegetable oil 0.3% 





Composed of berries with the general appearance typical of the variety


Yellow to Amber / Bright brown


Typical golden raisins aroma without foreign odor


Naturally sweet golden raisins taste without foreign taste


Firm texture, not sticky, free flow

Berry Count:


250-290 berries per 100 grams


290–350 berries per 100 grams


350–450 berries per 100 grams

Physical Appearance:



True foreign matter

Target Nil

Sand, Grit, Slit

Target Nil–None of any consequence affecting appearance or edibility


Target Nil – 3 Piece per 10 Ton Max

Cap stem

3% Max 

Undeveloped Berries

1 gr per 100 gr Max

Sugared Berries

2.5% before May / 5% after May Max (By weight)

Damaged Berries

1 gr per 100 gr Max

Stalks larger than 15 mm

Target Nil–Max 1 piece per 5 cartons

Stalks 4 mm to 15 mm

5 piece per carton Max

Moldy Berries

2 gr per 100 gr Max 

Seeded Berries

1% Max 



12% to 16% max


Golden raisins are free from any microorganisms capable of development in recommended storage conditions and has no substances originating from microorganisms in amounts which may represent a health hazard.

Shelf life and Storage condition:

Golden raisins shelf life is 12-18 months from the date of manufacture.

Golden raisins should be kept in cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.


Golden Raisins packed in food-grade blue polyethylene bags inside 10 kg boxes. Boxes are corrugated box made of suitable material for edible products. Boxes are sealed with tapes. Boxes are labeled and marked upon customer’s requirements and Iran’s standard organization regulations.

Health Benefits:

  1. Help eliminate free radicals from the body. And inhibit the incidence of various degenerative diseases.
  2. Make the excretory system work better.
  3. Make your skin healthy not old.
  4. Help reduce the degeneration of cells in the eyes. Prevent eye and eye diseases.
  5. Reduces blood pressure in the body.
  6. Reduce the risk of diabetes.
  7. They can protect cells from damage.
  8. They may improve blood sugar control.

Uses of:

Commonly used as an ingredient in bakery. Add it as a filling in desserts such as raisin bread, crepes, or eat it with other grains. or as a component of food such as raisin fried rice, raisin porridge or can be used to decorate food as well.

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